Tuesday Night Meditation at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

Join me for Tuesday Night Meditation at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community on Tuesday, July 5 @ 7pm,  $10+

As an intuitive, energetic teacher, and spirit-based psychotherapist, I believe we carry our past forward from unconsciousness, repeating it over and over. As we create higher consciousness, we cultivate the ability to create new ways of experiencing ourselves with intentionality and presence. Direct experience with our higher consciousness allows us to step into our highest potential and aliveness.  Guided meditation will be focused on aligning with our highest self, our multi dimensional selves, and the collective consciousness of love. When one or more is gathered together we can transcend our ego selves, healing and transforming through our communal breath.   I look forward to connecting with all that feel called to celebrate the energy of our independence, our sovereignty, in love and light.  Please visit my site to read some of my blogs.  Love and Light -Kristine

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Hi, I'm Kristine.

I’m a Minnesota holistic therapist, integrative healer, massage therapist, and Priestess. I bring forward 32 years of healing and learning from my own personal soul journey. I am an intuitive, energetic teacher and psychotherapist seeking to support people in seeing unconscious patterns in our human realm of existence.

Kristine Martin | The Center of Awakening

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