About Me

My Philosophy

As an intuitive, energetic teacher, and spirit-based psychotherapist, I believe we carry our past forward from unconsciousness, repeating it over and over. As we create higher consciousness, we cultivate the ability to create new ways of experiencing ourselves with intentionality and presence. Direct experience with our higher consciousness allows us to step into our highest potential and aliveness. 

What I Do

I support clients in knowing that we are spiritual beings on a spiritual journey, and that it is our very humanness which provides key wisdoms and transformations toward evolution, be it person, relational, collective, soul, or spiritual. If you recognize there is more to yourself than what you are living out, I use various transformational tools to support you as you access your inner wisdom and begin to see the shadow beyond the shadow. 

Through holistic therapy, heart-centered and energetic transformation, you can: 

Understanding from a family systems model how the nuclear family and the generational imprint has impacted your sense of self and beliefs about your life experiences. 

Learn how to cultivate a practice of forgiveness of the hurts and wounds you’ve experienced.

Sorting out what your internalized beliefs are and what are your own personal truths. 

Integrate the knowing of the whole of who you are, in mind, body, and spirit. Transforming self limiting beliefs with the awareness of your energetic being. 
As we begin to understand our human development, we open to the deepening of our conscious awareness of all that is possible. Grounding in this truth through lived, empowered knowing of your sovereignty. 
Kristine Martin | The Center of Awakening

My Experience

I have been on my own soul journey and bring forward 32 years of deep healing and learning. My journey has taken place in various places across the world, from Colorado, to Latin America, to California, and, now, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through my travels, I have found a deep connection to nature and the gifts of our earth, as well as the opportunity to study varied traditions and topics. 

  • California Institute of Integral Studies, Studied Somatic-Based Psychology 
  • St. Mary’s University, Minneapolis, MA Somatic-Based Psychology
  • Christina Coss, Intuitive Studies and Energy Medicine for Psychologists 
  • Massage Therapist
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course 
  • Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Ministerial License

My extensive experience in somatic studies, intuitive healing, and energy work have allowed me to develop a unique skill set for supporting individuals, couples, and families on their own path towards spiritual awakening. I have over 18 years of experience working as a licensed therapist, weaving together my own personal journey and my deep curiosity in the spiritual unfolding of the individual and the collective. 

As a holistic therapist, I have personally experienced the power of deep, personal activation and transformation within the setting of a supportive container. As an integrative therapist, my mission is to provide this supportive container for my clients to experience true awakening. 

Kristine Martin

What Other's Say About Working With Me

"Kristine creates a space that is both sacred and spacious. She's a great listener who will often identify a thread in our conversations - both current and previous - that will ultimately lead me down a path of deeper questions to reflect on. Her wisdom and knowledge has helped me to reveal and understand deeper layers within myself, and I especially appreciate that she doesn't coddle or patronize me even when it is challenging or hard. Kristine is always present in our conversations and that makes me feel safe enough to show up vulnerably and as myself."

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