As we slowly move into spring I am feeling a sense of hopefulness.

I was thinking about something I wrote about at the beginning of the pandemic, the notion that we as a collective whole were being asked to slow down and take stock of what it means to be human at this time in history. 

Over the past 2 plus years, we have experienced a massive shift in our growing awareness of what we think of as “normal”, to the uncertainty of what is. 

The institutions and systems that held our communities together have struggled, we are seeing a growing division in our communities, and globally, the expansion, and the constriction of equality for all are being tested. Laws and basic values around women’s rights are being questioned, someone’s ability to identify as they see fit in their autonomy is now a discussion point., how we continue the conversation around whiteness and what our education systems are built upon are being questioned …These are just a few examples of the change we are experiencing. 

Yet I am more HOPEFUL now more than ever.

History supports the notion that every 100 years or so, societies go through transformation.

Noted by war, disease, climate changes, and technology, that leads to a dismantling of what was and the creation of what is becoming. The time of quickening change is disruptive and chaotic but leads to new perspectives and possibilities. 

I am convinced that we are headed to a time of new ideas and ways of being. Some of us might take issue with the new platforms of social media and the moment-to-moment engagement with the world. But this is mind-blowing stuff. I am so very grateful to be on this planet at this moment as we shift into the consciousness of oneness, We are all aspects of each other. The dark and the light. 

I invite each of you to reflect on what this means for you and your journey of being human, as it all starts with the self, the individual, and then the whole.

I invite you to move through this time with a courageous heart and mind in your sovereignty. Let’s create from this wisdom and see what happens. 

Hi, I'm Kristine.

I’m a Minnesota holistic therapist, integrative healer, massage therapist, and Priestess. I bring forward 32 years of healing and learning from my own personal soul journey. I am an intuitive, energetic teacher and psychotherapist seeking to support people in seeing unconscious patterns in our human realm of existence.

Kristine Martin | The Center of Awakening

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